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    Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Lawrence, Kansas: Allen Press, Xxviii, Kristell Trego - - Archives de Philosophie 2 2 Nigel Wilkins, Music in the Age of Chaucer. With Chaucer Songs. Chaucer Studies, 1. First Published in From Medieval to Renaissance?


    Chaucer's Ovidian arts of love

    Chaucer's Position Ou Past Gentility. Anger and'Glosynge'in the Canterbury Tales. Willliam T. Rossiter, Chaucer and Petrarch. Woodbridge, Eng. Xi, Edwards - - Speculum 85 4 Another pilgrim got me into the making of books and inks.

    It also helps if you understand some of the complexities of medieval Catholicism. The threat of heresy was fought against with the cruelty of the Inquisition. And the tremendous significance of the Eucharist in everyday life is a challenge for us moderns to comprehend.

    Thomas Usk, The Testament of Love: Introduction

    The Hundred Years War devastated mainly France for decades. His existence could hardly be called dull. Life was hazardous. For a poet to create a pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral, for a visit to the shrine of the heroic Thomas a Becket, seems quite natural.

    David Aers, "Chaucer: Love, Sex and Marriage"; critical study.

    When his poetry, or any medieval poetry, is rendered in Modern English, you lose much of the intention because there is no one-to-one correspondence between many of the medieval words and the ones we use today. As a fluent speaker of Middle English, Chaucer must have known all the connotations. Yet, today a word of many definitions will often be set forth with only one up-to-date meaning.

    A Modern English version will still entertain you, because Chaucer is eminently entertaining.